What's New — CryptoFights 21.36.40 and Fyx Portal 1.1.17
New Features:
Remember Me:
You can set a PIN on your device for easy log in if you check 'remember me' during sign in. Please note that this PIN code is only stored locally on your device, so if you set it up on Android you will also need to set it up separately on PC.
Optional Level Up
- Players are now allowed to go back after they have decided to level up, making the level up optional.
Improved Matchmaking UI
- We've added more feedback to help players understand what is going on as they are in the queue
Bug Fixes & Improvements:
  • A lot of improvements have been made to the bots, making them smarter
  • Fix pvp killing blow/defeat animation and other circumstances where battle animations don't play out
  • Attempt at fixing some problems with missing items (not validated)
  • Fix for the
    stuck on loading screen just as battle was about to start
    bug that caused many players to lose their funds without going into a fight
  • Fix damage types layout on caravan for weapons with special item bonuses
  • Fixed an issue with how XP was printed out on the caravan - sometimes the rounding made it seem like you had enough XP to level up when you didn't.
  • A lot of small tweaks and bug fixes under the hood.
⚠ Known issues ⚠
Sometimes the health bar misreports HP on bots, specially when using the x3 toggle
Aqua will skip some turns or bug out in the middle of a battle
Some players might still experience missing items, we've found that restarting the game or waiting a bit helps. We're still working on fully resolving this issue for everyone, but most players should not be experiencing it anymore! 💪
New Features:
Improved Marketplace Search
- You can now search for multiple words by adding a dash inbetween them. Try hand-crossbow if you want to look for a hand crossbow for example!
Easy to read Item Stats
- We've added the weapon name, rarity and price to the thumbnail, and also a detailed pop-up that shows all item details on mouse hover.
Different colors based on Rarity
- You will be able to easily tell the rare and epic items from the common and uncommon at a glance now!
❄CryptoFights Snow Mountain Update ❄
❄ The New Snow Mountain Update is Live ❄
The official release is
available , we have worked tirelessly to bring it to you as soon as possible. Please check out this brief description of some of the changes you can expect in the new update:
Here's What's New:
New Free PvE & Paid PvP modes! Players can now reach Level 10!! Battle it out in 3 new Single-Player mode levels and 2 new PvP arenas. Information on loot drop %s:
  • Forest Dungeons:
    lvl 1-4 75% Poor, 25% Common / lvl 5,6 73% poor, 20% common, 7% uncommon
  • Battlegrounds 1:
    73% Poor, 20% Common, 7% Uncommon
  • Snow Dungeons:
    18% Poor, 60% Common, 20% Uncommon, 2% Rare
  • Battlegrounds 2:
    4% Poor, 25% Common, 62% Uncommon, 8% Rare, 1% Epic
  • Battlegrounds 3:
    25% Common, 62% Uncommon, 11% Rare, 2% Epic
XP Rewards from PVP
- XP is earned from PvP and PvP wins are required to access the Snow Dungeons. To continue to gain xp after lvl 7 and the Forest Dungeons, you will need to enter PvP matches.
Dice Rolls on lvl ups:
Now when gaining new lvls 1d4 is rolled and added to HP, XP can be spent in the caravan to re-roll these rolls. Simply tap on the dice shown below your character for a chance to re-roll.
Has been increased to lvl 10, this comes with two addtional skills and one stat point.
Skill Changes:
  • 🧊
    cooldown has been increased to
  • 🙏
    cooldown has been reduced to
  • 🏹
    Lock and Load
    now has a cooldown of
  • 🛡
    Mundane Protection
    now lasts
    turns and has a cooldown of
  • 🗡
    now adds
    damage on
    hits for heavy precision weapons (crossbows)as well as the +1 to critical range
  • 🍃
    Improved Sneak Attack
    Now works while inspired
Bug Fixes & Improvements:
  • 🎵 Match start sound not playing in the beginning of battle.
  • 🎶 Some Improvements & tweaks to the sounds system and audio effects.
  • 💸 Fighters will no longer storing funds when not finding an opponent.
  • 🔥 Critical hits are now functioning properly.
Exsiting Known Errors:
  • ⚠ HP reroll in the caravan needs the page refreshed to update the new amounts.
  • ⚠ Forfeit & Logout Buttons in the settings are not functioning.
  • ⚠ Tutorial only works when starting with a new account.
  • ⚠ Cancel Queue button not appearing Immediately.
  • ⚠ Hall of memories not functioning properly.
  • ⚠ Caravan can get stuck and require a restart.
CryptoFights & Fyx Gaming Under Maintenance
CryptoFights is down for maintenance while we roll over to our new infrastructure and re-index all transactions.
Note that you will not be able to access the game or site temporarily while we're switching things up! 🤓🛠💻
Some of the weird issues such as duplicated fighters or missing items/match histories should be resolved after this.
📝 A list of some of the things we're working on:
  • Lots of balancing tweaks to the skills and abilities
  • Improved and Enhanced logic for the new enemies
  • Fix for Entry Fees getting stuck in the Fighter wallet
  • Smart PvP matchmaking system to prevent steamrolling
  • Fix for how Critical Hits and their bonuses are calculated
  • Fighter Skins and the option to equip, sell and trade them
  • Important fixes to Dirty Fighting and Improved Sneak Attack
  • The new Single Player campaign and PvP modes! ( check out the sneak peaks in our Discord channel #📸║pictures 👀 !! 👉 )
  • ... Plus many more bug fixes and under-the-hood improvements
We hope to be back up and running asap. We'd also like to thank all members of our community for the understanding! Thank you all for helping us make CryptoFights better, know that the team is receiving all of your messages and is extremely appreciative of the amount of love CryptoFights is receiving. 💖
For the latest information please keep an eye on:
As soon as everything is back up and running again, we will make an official announcement.
-The Fyx Gaming Team
What's New in CryptoFights 21.28.53 - Skills & Visuals
CRYPTOFIGHTS 21.28.53 - Bug fixes and improvements:
Skills Improvements:
  • Swifted - New Status Effect
  • Bare Fists
    are now
  • Chill
    now has a
    1 turn
  • Burn
    now has a
    1 turn
  • Smite
    now has a
    1 turn
  • Shock
    now has a
    1 turn
  • Multiattack
    is now called
  • Second Wind
    no longer freezes game
  • Smite
    now works with a
    Practice staff
  • Taunt
    now breaks
    for all players
  • Pinning Strike
    skipping turns has been fixed
  • Unarmed
    is now
    ✋✋ 2d6
    instead of
    ✋ 1d8
  • Coat Weapon
    now makes opponent
    6 turns
  • Fireball
    now does 3d6 DMG + opponent is
    for 3 Turns
  • Stab
    is now only usable with
    Assault weapons
  • Unarmed
    skill now turns your fists into
    instead of
  • Burned:
    take 1d4 necrotic DMG per turn, cannot be healed by
    Second Wind
  • Cursed:
    take 1d4 Necrotic DMG per turn, cannot be healed by
    Second Wind
  • Curse:
    Roll 1d20 + Int Bonus against the opponent's Perception ( 10 + Int Bonus ). If successful, the target becomes
    8 turns
New Skills
  • Mundane Protection
You become protected against Mundane damage (Slashing, Bludgeoning, Piercing) for
4 turns
, Taking half the damage (rounded down) you would take otherwise. Duration:
3 turns
5 turns
  • Charge
    previously Multiattack
Only usable with
Brutal Heavy
weapons. All your weapons gain
3 turns
6 turn
cooldown )
Visual Improvements
What's new: CryptoFights 21.27.24 and Fyx Portal 1.0.86
CRYPTOFIGHTS - Bug fixes and improvements:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
FYX PORTAL - Bug fixes and improvements:
What's new: CryptoFights 21.24.88 and Fyx Portal 1.0.51
CRYPTOFIGHTS - Bug fixes and improvements:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
FYX PORTAL - Bug fixes and improvements
What's new: CryptoFights 21.22.99 and Fyx Portal 1.0.29
The following issues have been fixed:
The following issues are currently being worked on:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The following issues have been fixed:
Note that items that have been minted before this fix was applied will still have missing images, but work in the game just fine, and can be melted or sold on the Marketplace.
The following portal improvements have been added:
  • Our denomination of Ksat was confusing to many of you, so we've switched to BSV and USD instead. We've added a handy currency dropdown with the option to switch between USD and BSV in all the places where a value is displayed, so that you're always able to find out exactly how much something is worth.
  • Many of our UI elements such as buttons, pop-ups and other elements have gotten a visual upgrade to bring you a more modern and pleasant experience.
  • We've created a new, more intuitive and easy to use Deposit/Withdrawal process for the Wallet page. You will need to enter your desired currency amount, choose whether you'd like to Deposit or Withdraw, and then choose your desired currency.
  • We've also applied some fixes and improvements under the hood to inform you better when errors happen, and to prevent some other errors from appearing in the first place.
The following issues are currently being worked on:
We're still working hard on making the portal experience better: this includes fixing bugs, making sure the site is responsive across devices, looks great, is easy to use and loads faster.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
That's all from us for now, please stay tuned for more exciting announcements on Telegram!
What's new in CryptoFights - test-21.19.96
🟢 The following issues have been fixed:
  • Lightning Bolt Crit + Focus chance not applying correctly
  • Some Helmets didn't have any bonuses listed or applied
  • Prize Error on Victory screen - 00.00 kSat shown issue
  • Intelligence modifier not being added to Spell rolls
  • Magic Staff does not allow any actions to be used
  • Wrong description for Improved Power Attack
  • Fighter creation models & armor color issues
  • Hall of Memories not showing any listings
  • Game freezing when using the Smite skill
  • No Cancel button shown on PvP fights
⭐ The following game improvements have been added:
  • Autoplay & Combat speed up options
  • Item Equip screen filter by item type
  • Proficiency bonus on some builds
  • New game weapon added: Whip
🔨 The following issues are currently being worked on:
  • No Cancel button shown on Dungeons when bots don't appear
  • Various PvP matchmaking and connectivity related issues
  • Sometimes battles freeze & error messages are shown
What's new in CryptoFights - ver. 21.17.X
The following issues have been fixed:
  • Error on wallet: failed to deliver payload. Status 500 Error
  • Error on wallet: UnprocessableEntityError: Not enough fees
  • Bonus damage from items not being applied in combat
The following game improvements have been added:
  • Remember My Login
  • Create Fighter Rotation