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🏹 Enchanting, Crafting and Wear & Tear for Items
Suggestion: Having a system that "wears & tears" gear items. So that players are encouraged to use their lower tier items (that they anyways get 10000x from battles) to sacrifice them and "fix" the wear & teared item. If the item that's wore & tore isn't fix, after some time it will become damaged (have lower stats) or unusable, or maybe even broken and destroyed. I think this would make a nice flow of items in the ecosystem, the lower tier items won't just have one use case (getting melted for a bit of BSV), they will also be this kind of "fuel" for better items. And players that have really good items actually have to take care of them, not just find a good item and not worry about it ever again. 2nd suggestion: having an "enchantment system" for items, but not a RNG one, like in many games, but a certain one, that can't "fail" and bring the enchantments to 0. This would encourage players to play constantly, and also the ones that do play constantly, they get rewarded because now they get to upgrade their good gear to +5 or +10 and make it even better. This rewards the players that actually dedicate a lot of time to the game and gives them more versatility in what they can do with the lower tier gear they get from PvP and PvE. Since currently they can only melt the hundreds or 1lvl items for a bit of BSV. Of course, these are just suggestions, so please take them as such. I would just generally love to see more utility around gear and lower tier gear especially. P.S. Kudos to the dev for being so lovely so far!
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