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Was able to play through 21.45.10 patch, but not anymore.
Hello, I'm not totally sure if this is correct category here, but want to pass along my experience because I really like this game so far and see a lot of potential in it. I was kind of surprised I was even able to play the game when I started, my phone's not the best for sure. But I managed to make some progress and have three characters currently. Each patch I had to set up gear and skills, but could still play most of the time. Unfortunately since patch 21.45.10 I'm no longer able to, I can log in fine but usually when I go to set a skill the game freezes up and closes when the skill display appears. The times I'd try skipping skill set up it would either freeze up at intermittent, seemingly random times, often while the network strength indicator was showing high ms rate but my cell and WiFi (connected to both with varying settings hoping to play) showed strong signal. Or if I attempted to start a fight it would just sit on loading screen without showing progress at bottom of screen (I understand scaling might be a factor here) and without any opponent appearing, both in pve and pvp. When I was able to play I had changed graphics settings to lowest possible available hoping to avoid issues, as well as turning music in game off, closing all other apps, everything I can think of to free up my phone's resources. I know that you shouldn't design the game around low end phone's like mine, I'm just hoping this info might help to leave the opportunity available for those who can't afford better tech. I would also like to thank you all for your time and effort developing what I think is going to be a very successful project, with how much I've enjoyed it from the glimpse I've had at such an early stage I don't see how it couldn't. Anyways, apologies if I've seemed long winded, here are my devices specs if it can be helpful. Samsung Galaxy A02s, 2gb ram 32 gb storage If linking to specs is not accessible/permitted: Android vers. 11 w/current updates Model number: SM-A025U Any other info I can help with upon request. Thanks again for everything, SublimeJester
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